Additional Info:

At CoCo we specialise in intimate waxing, we only use non strip wax on this delicate area, which is kinder to the skin than strip wax and allows for a much more precise, accurate treatment.

Our waxing technicians are highly skilled in the art of intimate waxing.

Intimate Waxing

  • Basic Bikini Wax – £11.00
    Hair is removed from outside the pantyline.
  • Thong Bikini Wax – £16.00
    Hair is removed from outside the thong and partially underneath.
  • G String Bikini Wax – £20.00
    Not quite a Brazilian, a strip or triangle of hair in the front and hair left on labia.
  • Brazilian Wax – £25.00
    A vertical strip of hair in front, two to three fingers in width. All other hair is removed from area and underneath.
  • Hollywood Wax – from £30.00
    All hair is removed from area.

Aftercare advice for the next 24-48 hours after waxing

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing.
  • Do not apply make-up and try not to touch the waxed area.
  • Heat treatments – sauna, hot bath, sunbeds, swimming etc. must be avoided.
  • Talcum powders, deodorants, anti-perspirants, perfumes, self-tanning products should not be applied over the treated area.